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USDA Organic Premium Ceremonial Grade Matcha - Single Origin Matcha 30g

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We don't compromise when it comes to our matcha, and neither should you! This exceptionally fresh and vibrant green matcha is carefully sourced from a single-estate organic tea farm located in the Kagoshima region of Japan.

This unblended, single tea cultivar matcha is made from the youngest and most tender tea leaves of the Okumidori cultivar. It is shaded for about 3 weeks prior to harvest and stone ground to perfection. We recommend this grade of matcha for daily drinking and perfect for traditional usucha or blending into lattes!

+ Single Cultivar Matcha - Okumidori cultivar 
+ Single Origin Matcha - Kagoshima, Japan
+ Flavor Profile - Smooth creamy mouthfeel, delicate umami, deep green notes, subtle bitterness
+ Servings - 15 x 2g
+ Net Wt. - 30g
Sustainable Farming - Our matcha is grown on a single organic tea farm and fertilized solely with homemade organic compost. No pesticides or other synthetic fertilizers are used ever. 

Customer Reviews

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Love this matcha! No other brand compares

madeline rose
Favorite Matcha🩷

I love this matcha soOo much (:
I always end up coming back here to order more.
It’s the perfect balance of earthy n sweet. Great with almond milk n I almost always choose to drink it without any sweetener. I recommend it to everyone that enjoys matcha


Taste like butter compared to some other green tea products I’ve had in the past.